Saturday, February 3, 2007

Mom and 5 babies (Bensalem, PA)

We've lived in this house since 1992 and have always had a ground hog share our property. Last spring mom groundhog had five babies. In the fall, mom found homes for all the babies. We thought that was the end of them until next spring, but to our surprise one baby returned and has yet to hibernate. Just when we think he's gone for the rest of the winter, we'll catch him out and about eating grass. Does anyone else have a groundhog that has not hibernated yet?

Craig and Patty Beaman
Bensalem, Pa

Mom, peeking out of the burrow, to make sure the "coast is clear."

Craig and Patty Beaman
Bensalem, Pa

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Peach Thief (Pittsburg)

This woodchuck loves to eat the flowers by our patio and the salad crops in our garden. He even stole the peaches off our peach tree! Looks like our place is a restaurant for him. Now our little fellow is hibernating, but I hope to see him again next summer.

Lena Olczak (New Kensington, PA)

Is that a garden I see? (Vermont)

Joann Verga
Jericho Vt

Miss Darla (Alabama)

This is Darla. She lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and she is very fond of apples.

Nina Alspaugh

Making his bed (Vermont)

Groundhog gathering leaves and
pine needles for his bed; he worked so hard that day.

Joann Verga
Jericho Vt

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Groundhog Day or Valentine's Day?

Oh well, they're both in February.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetcheeks!